The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

A Soliloquy of Life

Who am I?
No one in particular
Why write? Because
I am an everyone
a nothing to some and
a someone to none.
I am known,
yet anonymous
an aspiring actress from
birth to grave on
The Unpredictable Stag…

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Apple Cider Vinegar Tea / Elixir of Life

A finger of fresh ginger root (diced or sliced whichever shape you prefer at the bottom of your cup)

1 tsp. of raw honey (optional)

1 tblsp. apple cider vinegar (unfiltered and unpasteurized)

1 tblsp. f…

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Poetic Thought

A vacated mind maims creative thought
Verses corroded by prosaic phrase
Dust covered words awaken a whisper
Pieces of poetry slowly crawl onto a page

Homeless hyperboles loiter in alleys
Alienated allegory roams streets…

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Coming Home

Sitting on speed, metal wings in flight
black ribbons below adorned in sequins of light
screeching engines startle Night
as Time descends

Feet on ground baggage bound
metal scales bear the weight of

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A Rhyme from Romper Room

Jack and Jill hit the campaign trail
To fetch a bushel of voters
Jack fell down for being a clown
And Jill went Galluping forward

Up got Jack from his stumbling act
As fast as he could caper
To Bannon's tent ho…

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