The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

Birth of a River

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Birth of a River
mute starkness / an exhausted desert / blue sky white night / flesh on flesh / marital rite / in heat, soaked in sweat / body to body / a rapturous duet<br /…
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mute starkness
an exhausted desert
blue sky white night
flesh on flesh
marital rite
in heat, soaked in sweat
body to body
a rapturous duet

E = mc2
inception, conception
stardust fusion
hydrogen, carbon, water
molecular confusion
blueprint biology
chromosome couples 23
patterns of genes
chemically a poetry

brain, bones and brawn
a paragon
peptides and proteins
enzymes of emotion
future feelings
neural commotion

two bound bodies a
hormonal orchestration
mother and child
prepare for separation
birth and beyond

muscle contractions
endorphins release
pain in action

Lamaze liturgy
breathe in breathe out
breathe in...
lungs grasp at the deep
midwife shouts

head crowns
body bound
by body
head in head out
reluctance to breach


I hold the world at bay
dining on time
stubborn to move

breath in breathe out
breath clings to the deep
midwife shouts

my head crowns
body bound
won't let go
not yet

green fluids fill my lungs
stealing the vowels off
my tongue
breath of life
my first fight
grandstanding and

silence shatters
midwife chatters
my mom and dad
sigh in relief

doctors repair
third degree tears
sealing in an emptiness
my delivery has made
needle in needle out

I see her through my
transparent box
wrapped up like
a tubular sock

her grace an unfamiliar face
takes my breath away. Awkwardly,
she descends from her bed
hospital high
a torturous

pain reigns
I sense it in
s.. l.. o.. w.. n.. e.. s.. s..

I make amends
our shared space erased
me and mom have just begun
my mouth to her ear
she hears,
a river

I breathe in and out
a handful of vowels float
on the afternoon rays of
my birth day
from thunder to dusk
day in day out

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