The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

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Coming Home
Sitting on speed, metal wings in flight / black ribbons below adorned in sequins of light / screeching engines startle Night / as Time descends / Feet on ground baggage bound<br /…
A Rhyme from Romper Room
Jack and Jill hit the campaign trail / To fetch a bushel of voters / Jack fell down for being a clown / And Jill went Galluping forward Up got Jack from his stumbling act / As f…
Birth of a River
mute starkness / an exhausted desert / blue sky white night / flesh on flesh / marital rite / in heat, soaked in sweat / body to body / a rapturous duet<br /…
A Lone Traveler
A solitary spirit / Effeminate in form Asphalting miles of memories / Treading many a storm: Intellectual roads / Laid with diamonds and dust Carnal paths / La…
A lion dwells in your sentient savanna / Persistence and purpose his badges of strength / Urban forests breed banality and bromide / Seize him and purge Man of his shallow decent…

Weed my wisdom
empty my glass
bend my thoughts like Plexiglas.
Bone my marrow
solicit my shade
discharge the battery of my Light Brigade.

Corrupt my culture
delouse my soul
halo my virtue with a Cheerio.
Hang my hopes
out to dry
douse my doubts in media lye.

Intubate my mind
siphon my dreams
looney my tunes with the third degree.
Milk my memory
reupholster my brain
drown my reality in virtual rain.

Stop shop
consumer rot
Buy comply
vie I die
Cut my face to
spite my nose
Bite off my head
anything goes.
Stuff my words
down the drain
say a prayer
and pull the chain.

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