The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

Cherylyn Vardi (Frecklewood)

a tearoom does not pretend to be
other than what it was built for -

an Abode of Vacancy

a fleeting structure built of bamboo and wood
to house a poetic impulse

ornamentation is of no need

simplicity is the scheme

Camellia allures
her fermented fragrance

a poetry of no words

She breeds humanity
in a cup of tea

man becomes human when

he ascends necessity
and finds beauty in the


this site celebrates

the ordinary its
imperfections and its harmonies

through leaves of teas



© Frecklewood 2016

The Art of Tea and Poetry

Self-help books have been popular reading over the years. Some offer guidance, others instruction. Some paperback practitioners treat patients on pages with sedating words and ensuring cures.

The concept "self-help" began with the ancient Greek aphorism "know thyself" which Socrates alluded to when he claimed "The unexamined life is not worth living." It is not my intention to unravel the phrase rather share the flare it ignites: a venture into Self.

Peppered Poetry is an excavation site, a celebration of recovery and discovery. Inner rhythms of reason and rhyme, sage and thyme shaped into patterns of poetry and prose, memories and memoir.

I usually begin by dropping a thought into a steeping cup of tea and waiting patiently until the aromatic steam revitalizes a paralyzed memory. Sometimes I sprinkle a pungent spice onto an empty word to evoke a theme or a buried dream.

Outside of the site, I search through market places of life for spice -words and teas, herbs and recipes.

In our weekly ceremony of tea we will dig around the edges of the mundane, the might and main of everyday life.

In the Tea Room we will draw out the beauty from within the ordinary through the ritual of tea and the reading of prose and poetries. For those who would like to put their pens to page, Fusions will be a perfect place to discover your voice. There, we will explore the world of writing and delve into the depth of spices and teas - scented thought and aromas to fuse imagination with inner workings.

I invite you to pull up a chair and read and mold your own tools and make new discoveries.

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