The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

A Diligent Dawn
Shards of a broken wine goblet / Drift on the surface of withering waves / Dawn dethrones the waning night / Saffroned fingers arouse a day In nakedness she wears her loss <br /…
The Eagle
Perched high / On ragged crags of / Wordless thought / He waits A crystalline lake of Loneliness / Lays supine below / Insatiable hunger burns / Within Mast…
Molecules of Moments ... A Poetry in Pieces
Day Tresses of ivory tease the air as / soliloquies of song woo whimsical winds / Moments mold into statues of light while / waxing crystals of cream take fligh…
Molecules of Moments... A Poetry in Pieces
Dawn / The darkness moans dismally / as its velvet black is unwoven by / saffron fingers / unraveling a new day. / Silence evaporates as the morning star inva…
Desert Storm
Dust clouds of pain bring bruising rains / crumbling rocks mock human form / Kneeling in searing sands / shackled to shadows / a captive awaits his fate / in damning soundles…

Molecules of Moments... A Poetry in Pieces

Sunset and Dusk

At the edge of Earth sun beams sigh as
sky turns from wispy watercolor to rust
Mountains empty their melancholy minds over
moors mumbling pages of prose
Lost landscapes decompose as
Day dies in the arms of Dusk.
A lone spider crawls on a leaf of hours gone by
spinning a web of tenacious tomorrows while
drops of blush solidify into lingering scents of
Day's firmament

An abandoned nest falls from a poetry of
migrating moments and memory
Grey fills the pores of waning light Evening
dresses hurriedly in borrowed night
Varicose veins of tangling time wrap around the
verse of this inconsistent rhyme
Bodiless I roam into a ravine of runes
decaying letters on lyrical tombs
Balconies of black seat faces forgotten
A thorn of light plunges its fatal sting as
Evening's last waltz of life begins
This poet's pen writes of
oceans wanting waves of
solitary sands in
deserts of dismay
while the advocate of Sun
the last testament of Day

Darkness devours
seconds scatter
Silence sooths the apprehensive air
A poem drips off my peppered pen as
a metaphor murmurs a requiem
and Evening comes to her end.

Pinch of Pepper:
Molecules of Moments is a poetry in pieces.  Night begets Dawn. Dawn begets Day. Day dies diligently as she falls into Dusk. Twilight diminishes her lingering light into mystical molecules of obsidian Night.

Morning Ritual
Nocturnal silence... The day is deep in sleep  / shhh!  her mind whispers / morning has not yet broken / going into tip toe mode  / a crick-crack explodes / plastic on plastic startles the air / a neon light flickers into life / a grotesque f…
A Diligent Dawn
Shards of a broken wine goblet / Drift on the surface of withering waves / Dawn dethrones the waning night / Saffroned fingers arouse a day In nakedness she wears her loss / Hot flashes heat hormonal strife / Fermented tears and sweated dew / Awa…
Delphic Dialectic or Socratic Simplicity
A sentimental sprite of / Stravinsky's Spring Rite / Dissonant days gone by / Urged a freckled face boy to / Mischievously deploy / And capture a callow girl's eye… / / Chaotic waters of untamed tides / Turbulent rapids of adolescent se…
War of the Words
A page unfolds / horizontally / into a vertical universe… Vowels and Consonants conjugate / charcoaled characters draw their words / silented Syllables scream bloody murder / to the Sentence Structure Warlords. Morphemes of meaning resu…
The Lioness that Dwells Within
A feline dwells in your caverns of consciousness / Dauntless and determined her insignias of strength / Landscapes withered by winds of shallowness / Embrace her and harrow Man's badlands of descent Rocks of conformity will bruise perception / Caves of…

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