The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

A Diligent Dawn
Shards of a broken wine goblet / Drift on the surface of withering waves / Dawn dethrones the waning night / Saffroned fingers arouse a day In nakedness she wears her loss <br /…
Morning Ritual
Nocturnal silence... The day is deep in sleep  / shhh!  her mind whispers / morning has not yet broken / going into tip toe mode  / a crick-crack explodes / plastic on p…
A Poetry Rite
Sunsets sing dirges to days that are dying / Dusk awakens somnolent sands from their rest / Morrows impede passage to misbehaved memories / Persistent prose unearths emotions suppresse…
Annals of Abraham
Pregnant night aborts the dawn / Poxing the earth below / Festering fields of human hate / Drown reason in irrational throe Hissing hostility pierces the sky / Scattering mo…
Molecules of Moments... A Poetry in Pieces
Sunset and Dusk / / At the edge of Earth sun beams sigh as / sky turns from wispy watercolor to rust / Mountains empty their melancholy minds over / moors mumbling pag…

City of Avenues

Metal rain falls on the City of Avenues
Launched hatred tears into urban skies
Falling thunder pierces fleshed emotion
Hammurabian thought precipitates
Eye for an eye

Metal rain falls on the City of Avenues
Atrophied molecules of amity die
Politicians spew speeches of angled advocacy
Drooling words drivel into truths that lie

A cacophony of fear stains urban bedrock
Angst paves panic on trembling streets
Mushrooming cement cubicles give counterfeit comfort
To the galleried faces of Munch's Scream

Metal rain falls on the City of Avenues
Shrapneled thorns lacerate skin that can't hide
Innocents murdered by falling ingots
Days and morrows haunted by shrieking cries

Crippled sunsets rise over the City of Avenues
A city terrorized by metal rain
Hope rots on broken sidewalks and houses of
A city that reeks of despair and pain

Delphic Dialectic or Socratic Simplicity
A sentimental sprite of / Stravinsky's Spring Rite / Dissonant days gone by / Urged a freckled face boy to / Mischievously deploy / And capture a callow girl's eye… / / Chaotic waters of untamed tides / Turbulent rapids of adolescent se…
A lion dwells in your sentient savanna / Persistence and purpose his badges of strength / Urban forests breed banality and bromide / Seize him and purge Man of his shallow decent Iron rods of conformity rust perception / Towers of compliance stunt natu…
Cogito Ergo Sum
Trees of autumn weep their beauty / Aging rainbows fall onto an anemic earth / Intellectual tears of / I think therefore I am / Cry molecules of philosophy / Over deaf grasses of high tech generations / I am the last leaf / Clinging desperately onto…
The Bonsai Tree
In an Arboretum of towering trees / The major attraction is the topiary / Visitors flock to this botanical art / Deaf to the tidings of twisted bark Dwarfed gnarled confined and cramped / Refined deformity of stunted chance / Grotesque and beastly …
Molecules of Moments... A Poetry in Pieces
Midnight / / Artemis peeks through the curtains of Night / ascending the stairs to her balcony of beams / leaning over the balustrade / she pulls back her bow to / catch faceless dreams / Jasmine climbs the trellises of trees / seek…

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