The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Desert of the Real
I am a desert of / orphaned emotion / Bruised and battered by a brutal sun / Wisdom and wilderness were once my element / I was created long before life had begun In each c…
Molecules of Moments... A Poetry in Pieces
Night / a weeping willow of water wails / a worried wind stumbles into / a lonely acacia dovening in the desert / a compassionate river runs recklessly / over brooding b…
A Game of Chess
Two armies / On a checkered field are placed / Brother against brother / Ancient hatred retraced Ishmael and Issac / Born of synonymous seed / The younger hewed ivory / T…
Desert Storm
Dust clouds of pain bring bruising rains / crumbling rocks mock human form / Kneeling in searing sands / shackled to shadows / a captive awaits his fate / in damning soundles…
The Lioness that Dwells Within
A feline dwells in your caverns of consciousness / Dauntless and determined her insignias of strength / Landscapes withered by winds of shallowness / Embrace her and harrow Man's bad…

Delphic Dialectic or Socratic Simplicity

A sentimental sprite of
Stravinsky's Spring Rite
Dissonant days gone by
Urged a freckled face boy to
Mischievously deploy
And capture a callow girl's eye…

Chaotic waters of untamed tides
Turbulent rapids of adolescent selves
Tumbling into Alice's rabbit hole
Childhood froze on never ending shelves

On a bed of naked innocence
Nascent bodies clad in truth
Flesh on flesh as heart to soul
Delusions of unfledged youth

The Delphic maxims of ancient Greece
Engage dialectics amongst my various selves
Seasoned emotion and intellect
Have untethered the throes of Eros' spells

The Symposium at Agathon's
An orgy of verbal delight
Through alcohol and dialogue
Disrobed Love with their drunken sight

Socrates explained with intellectual ease
That Love dwells in the depths of Man's mind
Wisdom he claims is Love's nature and aim
Questions are his depth and design

Diotima the philosopher and feminine scholar
Taught Socrates of Poros and Penia
In the garden of Zeus, drunk on Olympian juice
Poros was seduced by Penia the pauper

The conception of Love their child thereof
Is the form of body and beauty
Eros she claims is born of the brain
Wisdom his allegiance and duty

Knowledge is gained through perception and pain
Through insight and intellectual wealth
Found in between is Love and his means
Teaching lessons in "Know thyself"

A fay of Day has paved a practical way
Through falling leaves of Love's design
That freckled faced boy who once gave me joy
Dwells on the pages of this poet's lines.

Pinch of Pepper:
A symposium is literally a "drinking together". The Symposium by Plato is a dialogue in which various male speakers take turns offering their personal perspective on the subject of Love. Agathon, the host, had just won first prize for a dramatic play and invited some of his friend's back for a drinking fest and food to celebrate. As was the custom, guests would recline on couches arranged in a circle. After they had eaten, hearty servings of wine would be served. With no females present, the guests would converse, give speeches and deliver mock orations which many times ended in orgiastic practices. Plato's symposium took a bit of a different turn and the orgy was only of wine and words.
When it's Socrates' turn to speak, he attributes his insights into the nature of Love to Diotima, a philosopher, priestess and one of the most influential women thinkers of her time.

Added Pinch of Pepper:
Diotima tells Socrates of Poros and Penia: "In honor of Aphrodite's birthday the gods held a feast. One of the guests was the god Poros, who was god of Abundance. When the feast was over, Penia also known as Poverty, came about the gates to beg. Poros who had overindulged himself on nectar, went into the garden of Zeus and fell into a deep drunken sleep. Penia, seeing him there and contemplating her own dire straits, decided to seduce him. After lying down at his side she conceived their son Eros or Love."
Diotima taught Socrates that Love, the child of Poros and Penia, Lack and Plenty, was a spirit of the between. She told him that Love held the world together and was the momentum that delivered prayers and messages between gods and man. She told him that Eros was known best through wisdom and that the love of wisdom was the love of Eros.

Annals of Abraham
Pregnant night aborts the dawn / Poxing the earth below / Festering fields of human hate / Drown reason in irrational throe Hissing hostility pierces the sky / Scattering molecules of fear / Children dodge metal raindrops that fall / Between laby…
Cogito Ergo Sum
Trees of autumn weep their beauty / Aging rainbows fall onto an anemic earth / Intellectual tears of / I think therefore I am / Cry molecules of philosophy / Over deaf grasses of high tech generations / I am the last leaf / Clinging desperately onto…
A Game of Chess
Two armies / On a checkered field are placed / Brother against brother / Ancient hatred retraced Ishmael and Issac / Born of synonymous seed / The younger hewed ivory / The older ebony cleaved Abraham's sons / Great nations promised both<br…
An Arpeggio
An arpeggio of wayward notes   / Plucked by fingers of clay / Chromatic chords of bleeding thought / Melt atonal black to grey / A lonely scale pours liquid morrows / Over kidnapped rhyme / Beauty and ugliness dance a dirge / Across a six string…
A Sighing Sonnet
Syllables plunge into an ancient songbook / Octaves and sestets of obsessive love / Perusing Petrarch's Canzoniere / Iambic portrayals of Laura de Noves Shakespeare loves on the lines of a couplet / Spencer stanzas virtue in his Faerie Queene</…

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