The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

An Arpeggio
An arpeggio of wayward notes   / Plucked by fingers of clay / Chromatic chords of bleeding thought / Melt atonal black to grey / A lonely scale pours liquid morrows / Over k…
A Diligent Dawn
Shards of a broken wine goblet / Drift on the surface of withering waves / Dawn dethrones the waning night / Saffroned fingers arouse a day In nakedness she wears her loss <br /…
in the shadows of waning light
two senescent lovers lie / between sheets of waning light. the moon spins the dis·s·ever·ing tale / of their relentless nothingness. / apathetic eyes beseech the dark / f…
A Sighing Sonnet
Syllables plunge into an ancient songbook / Octaves and sestets of obsessive love / Perusing Petrarch's Canzoniere / Iambic portrayals of Laura de Noves Shakespeare loves …
Annals of Abraham
Pregnant night aborts the dawn / Poxing the earth below / Festering fields of human hate / Drown reason in irrational throe Hissing hostility pierces the sky / Scattering mo…

Huxley's Kaleidoscope: O Brave New World

Chaotic pieces of tinted glass
Kidnap loitering light
Slivered images of a history
Pause in fluid flight

Frantic fragments frolic
On the landscape of man's mind
Corporation coated color
Change the pigments of our time

Pharmaceutical and Fast Food traffickers
Sell contentment on TV
Promoting purchased happiness
Aiding and abetting consumer Junkies

Commercialized reality
Optical illusions of new age design
Plagiarizing humanness
Into placid patterns of life

Technology viewed through a stereoscope
Identical images side by side
The right eye sees the naked truth
The other pixeled lies
Gyrating shards of genius
Networking Man into social bliss
Coercing him with convenience
Luring him into an apps abyss

High tech hussies entice the masses
With gadgets of the day
New generations of iOS and Android
Digital pimps procuring robotic play

In this pacifying plasma paradise
Where automation trumps skill and craft
Mediocrity is Man's magnum opus
Independent thinking mere heresy of the past  

Pinch of Pepper:

Societies of the early twentieth century admired speed, technology and material modernity, as much as our society worships them today. Brave New World is the title of a book written by Aldous Huxley and published in 1932. It depicts a futuristic utopian society in which the individual is sacrificed for the good of the state, science is used to coerce and control and any form of art and/or history were outside the law.

Birth of a River
mute starkness / an exhausted desert / blue sky white night / flesh on flesh / marital rite / in heat, soaked in sweat / body to body / a rapturous duet / / E = mc2 / inception, conception / stardust fusion<br…
Coming Home
Sitting on speed, metal wings in flight / black ribbons below adorned in sequins of light / screeching engines startle Night / as Time descends / Feet on ground baggage bound / metal scales bear the weight of / folded clothes and memories and / gi…
Death of a Dove
A metal rain falls and punctures the morning / Dialogues of dread smother the breeze / Metalliferous clouds imprison the sunlight / Frightened faces carve the air with their screams Hot flashes of terror nightmare the moment / Eagle and Hawk devour the do…
Molecules of Moments ... A Poetry in Pieces
Day Tresses of ivory tease the air as / soliloquies of song woo whimsical winds / Moments mold into statues of light while / waxing crystals of cream take flight / / A traveler once / I toured your turbulent terrain / donni…
The Eagle
Perched high / On ragged crags of / Wordless thought / He waits A crystalline lake of Loneliness / Lays supine below / Insatiable hunger burns / Within Masterful talons / Thrust deep inter her waters / Grasping the seasoned voic…

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