The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

City of Avenues
Metal rain falls on the City of Avenues / Launched hatred tears into urban skies / Falling thunder pierces fleshed emotion / Hammurabian thought precipitates / Eye for an eye <p…
A Diligent Dawn
Shards of a broken wine goblet / Drift on the surface of withering waves / Dawn dethrones the waning night / Saffroned fingers arouse a day In nakedness she wears her loss <br /…
Annals of Abraham
Pregnant night aborts the dawn / Poxing the earth below / Festering fields of human hate / Drown reason in irrational throe Hissing hostility pierces the sky / Scattering mo…
Huxley's Kaleidoscope: O Brave New World
Chaotic pieces of tinted glass / Kidnap loitering light / Slivered images of a history / Pause in fluid flight Frantic fragments frolic / On the landscape of man's mind<br /…
A Lone Traveler
A solitary spirit / Effeminate in form Asphalting miles of memories / Treading many a storm: Intellectual roads / Laid with diamonds and dust Carnal paths / La…

The Bonsai Tree

In an Arboretum of towering trees
The major attraction is the topiary
Visitors flock to this botanical art
Deaf to the tidings of twisted bark

Dwarfed gnarled confined and cramped
Refined deformity of stunted chance
Grotesque and beastly in shape and form
Bonsai is an art of social norm

Social artists train and prune
Saplings from their earthen womb
Bestial trunks and root formations
Haunt landscapes of the imagination

Bonsai is a fusion of ancient beliefs
Grafted dogma on nascent trees
Curtailed  and customized  to social needs
Individuals curved by Gardener's creed

Curated and cultured refined and groomed
Stripped to bare elements free will consumed
Prevented from growing towards natural light
The Bonsai has no conception of its personal plight

Chosen saplings are allowed to grow
Outside of pots in restricted rows
They are the ones who will one day be
Future Gardeners of Bonsai trees

Eastern thought and philosophy
Claim Bonsai is a ritual of harmony
Soul and nature intertwined
An art form of man to mimic the divine

Yet how can such a claim be true when
Gardeners strip saplings of their natural due
The artist duplicates a natural rite  
By manipulating a mind of intellectual might

A Bonsai container is independent of earth
Separation of soul from body at birth
Though social allegiance may be a practical need
Deformation of Self turns flower to weed

Ignorant Pillars of Clay
Are deaf to the symphonies of the Milky Way / Celestial keys and chords of fire / Orchestrate a moonlit sonata on an Aeolian lyre / Orion's hand in Beethoven light / Conducts the overture illuminating the obsidian night
Molecules of Moments... A Poetry in Pieces
Sunset and Dusk / / At the edge of Earth sun beams sigh as / sky turns from wispy watercolor to rust / Mountains empty their melancholy minds over / moors mumbling pages of prose / Lost landscapes decompose as / Day dies in the arms of Du…
Delphic Dialectic or Socratic Simplicity
A sentimental sprite of / Stravinsky's Spring Rite / Dissonant days gone by / Urged a freckled face boy to / Mischievously deploy / And capture a callow girl's eye… / / Chaotic waters of untamed tides / Turbulent rapids of adolescent se…
in the shadows of waning light
two senescent lovers lie / between sheets of waning light. the moon spins the dis·s·ever·ing tale / of their relentless nothingness. / apathetic eyes beseech the dark / for glimpses of deserted memories. two bodies / lie list·less / bre…
Cogito Ergo Sum
Trees of autumn weep their beauty / Aging rainbows fall onto an anemic earth / Intellectual tears of / I think therefore I am / Cry molecules of philosophy / Over deaf grasses of high tech generations / I am the last leaf / Clinging desperately onto…

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