The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Lioness that Dwells Within

Pinch of pepper:
Within each one of us a lioness dwells. This poem is dedicated to her.

A feline dwells in your caverns of consciousness
Dauntless and determined her insignias of strength
Landscapes withered by winds of shallowness
Embrace her and harrow Man's badlands of descent

Rocks of conformity will bruise perception
Caves of compliance will shun the light
Manufactured mediocrity will overcast oneness
Eclipsing creativity with artificial night

Pave your path through the prairies of selfdom
Even when animosity tears at your flesh
Canyons of coveting will echo their envy
While trails of reality challenge your steps

As beads of exhaustion drip off your body
And welted wisdom breaches and bleeds
Intellectual tears will water possibilities
Awakening the somnolent seeds of your dreams

Crystallize the salt from your silent suffering
Dismantle the dissonance that deafens your moors
Mine the minerals that encumbered your journey
And mold precocious diamonds from their obsidian ore

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