The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Desert of the Real

Pinch of Pepper:

French theorist Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) was one of the most prominent intellectual figures of the present age, whose work incorporates philosophy and social theory that together reflect cultural phenomena. He was a sharp critic of contemporary society, culture, and thought. Baudrillard is, often considered, one of the founding fathers of French postmodern theory.

I am a desert of 
orphaned emotion
Bruised and battered by a brutal sun
Wisdom and wilderness were once my element
I was created long before life had begun

In each crystal of sand 
pumps the heart of a universe
Constructs of consciousness on the decline
Crags of cognizance create illusions
Reality replaced by symbol and sign

Baudrillard's treatise 
Simulacra and Simulation
a philosophical exposition of postmodern rife
Claims human experience is a duplicity of reality
Perversions of truth, carbon copies of life

Semantic algebra is the language you live in 
Values and vectors formulate truth
An object 
a vector of profound reality
a value that is mass produced

History is dead
claims the felicity of the Future
Facts are a commercially created need
News is a figment of your imagination
Fabulated by the media's ratings greed

Once you were pillars of 
laborious production
Objects man-made had a value of use
Now you are drowning in over consumption
Exchange value has your social status in a noose 

Money is master emancipating reality
a coitus of financial lust
Commodities tempt consumers with luxury lewdness
Credit card debt choking on In God We Trust

The media 
forms your perception of reality 
You experience what Baudrillard coined  "the death of the real": 
You believe what you see on TV screens of collusion
Surrendering your discretion to sensationalistic appeal

Information, entertainment and communication technologies
Provide experiences more intense than everyday life
Banality is dead 
Long live New Generation
Download your future husbands and wives

Winds of change have no chartered direction
Boundaries and distinction 
no longer exist
Economics, politics, culture and sexuality
All are ingredients in an implosive mix

Hyperreality is
our postmodern universe
Fantasy parks, malls, reality TV
Images and codes control thought and behavior
Communication ecstasies are our venereal disease

Subjectivity is fragmented
Objectivity is lost
Reason is buried 
Emotions embossed

In the overwhelming flux of the Hyper Real
Schizophrenic stimulus bombards our minds -
Over exposure to images and information
Disorganize our thinking leaving: what is real 

Into the mirrored sands of the present
Television and computer screens manufacture ideals
Spectacle not meaning is the truth of the masses 
Opinion is formed only when it congeals

Humanity is a desert of 
virtual emotion
Brainwashed and proselytized by pixelled screens
Wisdom and wonderment were once its elements
Simulated sand eulogizes over the death of dreams

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