The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

Molecules of Moments... A Poetry in Pieces

Pinch of Pepper:
Molecules of Moments in a poetry in pieces. Night begets Dawn. Dawn begets Day. Day dies diligently as she falls into Dusk. Twilight diminishes her lingering light into mystical molecules of obsidian Night.

Tresses of ivory tease the air as
soliloquies of song woo whimsical winds
Moments mold into statues of light while
waxing crystals of cream take flight

A traveler once
I toured your turbulent terrain
donning diaphanous veils of day
Marble walls roughly smooth under my hand
enclosed dormant waters that erased reflections        yet
new ones were drawn in the silence of heat
hiding and seeking amongst the pedestals of trees
whose tone woods seduced regencies of green
Your sands were innocent then         desert - ed
devout dunes of dust         pastelled portraits of past
I roamed your,         exterior
rugged and raw        naked
clad in mountains and vales peaks and trails
begging my steps to want their wear
Cliffs         canvassed thought
invoking my mind to climb        and explore
the depths they had offered my eyes
Rocky shores below assaulted by
ocean sprites and spray        yet
remained unscathed
glistening in delight

Seagulls drank dreams in your
pools of clarity
Ripples of rain sang hymns of praise to
waves of wheat whispering nothingness
Clouds of sound composed seasons of
symphonies to you,
dear Earth, as
tendrils of time
unlocked your

Now I wander as
the distracted sun misplaces itself
warming November as if it were June
Thoughts heavily dressed in desire and reflection
hail carriages of wind and breezes at noon
Intellectual leaves cling onto branches of reason while
fanatical foliage releases
 rhythm and rhyme
This poet pauses to share whispers of wisdom as
raindrops turn sundrops into prisms of mime
Storms and thorns
rip open a sunset
I sit alone and contemplate the
dissolving bright
Day falls and not a soul is around
help pick her up
not even
a wayward phrase
word of spite.

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