The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

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Coming Home
Sitting on speed, metal wings in flight / black ribbons below adorned in sequins of light / screeching engines startle Night / as Time descends / Feet on ground baggage bound<br /…
A Rhyme from Romper Room
Jack and Jill hit the campaign trail / To fetch a bushel of voters / Jack fell down for being a clown / And Jill went Galluping forward Up got Jack from his stumbling act / As f…
Birth of a River
mute starkness / an exhausted desert / blue sky white night / flesh on flesh / marital rite / in heat, soaked in sweat / body to body / a rapturous duet<br /…
A Lone Traveler
A solitary spirit / Effeminate in form Asphalting miles of memories / Treading many a storm: Intellectual roads / Laid with diamonds and dust Carnal paths / La…
A lion dwells in your sentient savanna / Persistence and purpose his badges of strength / Urban forests breed banality and bromide / Seize him and purge Man of his shallow decent…

A vacated mind maims creative thought
Verses corroded by prosaic phrase
Dust covered words awaken a whisper
Pieces of poetry slowly crawl onto a page

Homeless hyperboles loiter in alleys
Alienated allegory roams streets of rhyme
Castrated prefixes lie suffixing in the gutter
Muted metaphors scream in iambic time

A poet's hand hears the moans of this mayhem
Assisting mauled meter onto a blank sheet of white
As a sonnet births night to a day that is dying
A poetry constellates a universe to life

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