The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

Ignorant Pillars of Clay
Are deaf to the symphonies of the Milky Way / Celestial keys and chords of fire / Orchestrate a moonlit sonata on an Aeolian lyre / Orion's hand in Beethoven light / Conducts the …
Desert Storm
Dust clouds of pain bring bruising rains / crumbling rocks mock human form / Kneeling in searing sands / shackled to shadows / a captive awaits his fate / in damning soundles…
The Desert of the Real
I am a desert of / orphaned emotion / Bruised and battered by a brutal sun / Wisdom and wilderness were once my element / I was created long before life had begun In each c…
A Wrinkle in Time
No longer does she clad herself / In days of faded dye, Patterned fabrics of yesterdays / Unravel threaded whys Teen embroidered dawns / Intricately woven into dusks …
A Rhyme from Romper Room
Jack and Jill hit the campaign trail / To fetch a bushel of voters / Jack fell down for being a clown / And Jill went Galluping forward Up got Jack from his stumbling act / As f…

A Game of Chess

Two armies
On a checkered field are placed
Brother against brother
Ancient hatred retraced

Ishmael and Issac
Born of synonymous seed
The younger hewed ivory
The older ebony cleaved

Abraham's sons
Great nations promised both
Before God and their father
Each solemned an oath

God promised Ishmael
A kingdom to the East
To Isaac the land of Israel
A beleaguering decree

Cained anger and hatred
From jealousy both bred
Four thousand years of war
Soaked in familial bloodshed

Palestine and Zion
Contend as prophecy claims
A fight to the death protocol
Inflicting incessant pain

Playing board inhabitants
Living pillars of clay
Immaterial pieces
In their decimating fray

Eight times eight territorial squares
In equal order lie
Coveted streets and avenues with
Buildings concrete high

Unseasoned pawns stand motionless
Position marked with men
Theirs is not to question
Only secure ground and defend

These human shields protect the realm
Their fealty whole-hearted
Yet, when one is captured by a foe  
The loss is disregarded

Castling rooks protect their King
Placed purposely in harm's way
A power play by heads of state to
Capitalize and control the middle game

Cannoned Knights take position
Steadied, aim and fire
Razing disputed neighborhoods
Igniting funeral pyres

Bishops politic ferociously
Engaging explosive words
Maneuvering reality
Deploying military herds

The queens move about freely
Perusing dire deeds of death
Harbingers of diplomacy
Negotiating their nations' right to breath

The embolden Kings ignore them
Caching behind bastions of men
Preaching courage and chivalry to
Obedient infantry in Daniel's den

Toy soldiers fall like thunder
On both sides of this gruesome grid
Angel of Death at War's auction
Has life hopelessly outbid

Another dawn drops metal tears
Of military dew
Will ever there be peace between
The Arab and the Jew?

Morning Ritual
Nocturnal silence... The day is deep in sleep  / shhh!  her mind whispers / morning has not yet broken / going into tip toe mode  / a crick-crack explodes / plastic on plastic startles the air / a neon light flickers into life / a grotesque f…
Molecules of Moments ... A Poetry in Pieces
Day Tresses of ivory tease the air as / soliloquies of song woo whimsical winds / Moments mold into statues of light while / waxing crystals of cream take flight / / A traveler once / I toured your turbulent terrain / donni…
Molecules of Moments... A Poetry in Pieces
Dawn / The darkness moans dismally / as its velvet black is unwoven by / saffron fingers / unraveling a new day. / Silence evaporates as the morning star invades the sky / a frigid lake shatters into shards of silver / mountains a…
Molecules of Moments... A Poetry in Pieces
Sunset and Dusk / / At the edge of Earth sun beams sigh as / sky turns from wispy watercolor to rust / Mountains empty their melancholy minds over / moors mumbling pages of prose / Lost landscapes decompose as / Day dies in the arms of Du…
Auguries of Innocence
Man is an island of thought and emotion / Floating purposefully on aimless seas / Confusion and conflict float on his waters / Bleeding and aching debris William Blake offered lighthouse vision / To the mind of the intellectually blind / Perpetuatin…

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