The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

Spices of Rhyme and Thyme 1


Artists are born and not made in school. This is true of all artists whether they be painters, potters, sculptors, musicians, actors, filmmakers, writers or poets. An element of your genetic design cannot be taught. Your unique humanness is the mass of molecules that make you an artist.

Poetry is a peptide in our human design. Language is the tool that allows us all to be poets. But that doesn't mean that we can naturally write poetry. Poetry is an art and an art has technique and method that must be taught by another artist who himself was taught - a passing of the baton from poet to poet. With each passing techniques are refined, reshaped some are even discarded making way for a newfound approach.

Technique must be practiced and perfected - that is the obligation of the artist. A true artist devotes and dedicates himself, earnestly and sincerely, to his craft. How does he do it? He does it by doing it - every day, in any way, in his head or on the page. He studies those who have mastered his art by reading and copying then practicing for a start. After the technique has become second hand to you then your uniqueness take shapes and a new artist is born... 

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