The Art of Tea and Poetry

The Art of Tea and Poetry

Spices of Rhyme and Thyme 3


Like any art form, writing is, first and foremost, a craft, which means technique and method must be mastered. Without the exercise and practice of a craft an artist self will never foster.

Writing poems does not make you a poet. Mastering your craft makes you one. Writers who depend on their raw talent may easily fall into a particular writing style and behavior of rhythm, rhyme, form, lines, patterns, euphony, and lexicon.

Without experience in exercise and practice and in method and technique the abecedarian writer will have no toolbox of the trade to work with and therefore never achieve mastery or the right to call himself poet.

Some writers worry that their creativity and spontaneity will be stunted by the technical and methodic - quite the opposite is true. Creativity and spontaneity come, part and parcel, with practice.

If a writer refrains from regular writing calisthenics and reading poetry practice - his writing very quickly becomes redundant and routine. Each poem that he produces melds into the next and then into the next.

These repetitive writes lack the intricacies, styles of structure, nuances, versatile vocabulary and idiosyncrasies of language, not to mention proper poetic form.

Whoever has pulled up a chair, and made him/herself comfortable in this Room of Writing has made a conscious decision to become a master of his craft. In the next post, we will begin together a writing renaissance. 


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